Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Different Chapters

Received a message via facebook from a friend with a question...
"What happened to our friendship, how come we don't hang out like we used to"

The simple answer to that question was: "we are in two different chapters in our lives right now and honestly I'm unable to handle your negative energy anymore."

Yes it was a pretty harsh answer however it was the truth and I refuse to give anything but the truth. We were childhood friends but as we got older we just grew apart. She always wanted something from someone but when anyone needed her...she was no where to be found or no help at all. We grew up and went our separate ways I was in school and she was at home complaing about her baby daddy we no longer had anything in common. Don't get me wrong, most of my friends have kids and I love them babies like they are flesh and blood but no one wants to hear negative talk all the time with NOTHING positive coming out of their mouth EVER!!! It is sad that the two of us are no longer close, but a friendship can not be forced and should be easy and feel like family..especially if they are a close friend. A friendship should not stress you out or make you feel like you have to walk on egg shells whenever you are around them. Friends are supposed to be able to be completey honest with one another and feel like they can say what is on their heart without feeling like the other person is going to get upset..they may not like what you said but because they are your friend they will listen and take note.

There's a quote that says:
"Some people are life sucking, energy-draining, negative bags of annoying hell...kindly avoid them!"

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