Friday, March 9, 2012

Times Have Changed

Dinner with a good friend tonight and we got on the subject of sex before marriage and how things have changed since our parents dated and got together. She mentioned that her mom was only ever with one person her entire life.

Times have defiantly changed. So she asked the question do people really get married without ever having sex before hand?

I believe that some people do but never the less its a good question that I couldn't help not talking about tonight...In today's society most people sleep with one another before even thinking about getting married. They even sleep together before even making it official that they are dating. I think there are two ways of looking at a situation like this way 1- if you are really in love with someone then sex with that person shouldn't matter when it happens and 2-gotta make sure the sex is good before puttin' a ring on it!!

If you are really in love with someone then there is a chemistry that one feels with that person. The chemistry of just being close with that person is all that you need. Sex doesn't make up an entire relationship (it is a big part of a relationship though). Sex and relationship is kind of like baking a cake and enjoying a slice afterwards. When baking a cake first you make sure that you have all of the ingredients because if one thing is left out then the cake might not be as good as it should be. Well the same thing goes for sex and a relationship. If you do not have the foundation of a great relationship then most of the time the sex really isn't that great anyway because there always feels like there is something missing. Just like baking that cake you smell the sweet aroma in the oven but you don't take it out and cut a slice until the timer goes off telling you that its ready. Some people feel they need to put in the work of making a great relationship before testing the waters on sex and that might mean waiting until marriage where it will be even more special and worth the wait in the end.

Then there are some who say "HELL no I won't marry someone who I hadn't had sex with" their reasoning...would you buy a car without test driving it, would you buy a house without doing a walk through, buy a pair of cute ass pumps without walking around the store with them?...NO so why would I marry someone without making sure the sex is going to be on point! Sex can make or break a relationship. Having sex with a partner is one of the most intimate moments in couples lives, they are able to really connect on a different level, where they feel like they are one with one another. No matter how good the relationship is sometimes if the sex isn't great the relationship is donezo!

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. Never let someone else's thoughts and opinions change how you feel. If you are one who doesn't want to have sex until marriage for religious reasons or personal don't let anyone change it. You know what is right for your body, mind and soul and allowing others to change your mind could have you regretting it in the long run.

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