Saturday, March 10, 2012

Get Ya Money Up $$

Everyone wants to be living the dream..the dream of not being broke!! I don't know anyone who would say they rather have no money in the bank rather than actually have some money in the bank. I know I could always use more money in the bank. So I found this website that helps with learning to save money. I will attach the link at the end but I want to post a couple of their important points first.

Everyone has bills to pay and you may not think you can really save any money but with these helpful tips from Harris Bank you will be able to save some money for yourself!! Here's what I learned...

1- Add your name to the list of people to pay
  • Get into the habit of adding your name to the list of bills that need to be paid and pay yourself first. This will help in thinking that there is no money left over for yourself.
2- Start small and then build from there
  • Yes we all wanna be "ballin" buuuuutttt that's not very its better to start off small. Start putting aside a small amount like $10-$30 a month if you can do that much with every pay period..well gone head witcha bad self!!!
3- Make saving automatic
  • They suggest having money automatically transferred into your saving account...if that's not possible then make sure you hit the bank and transfer that money or do it on-line through on-line banking.
4- Put away what you don't spend
  • Have spending money set aside for things like groceries,  date night, dinner with the girls. If you don't spend it all what you have left over put that into your savings account. They suggest something a little different so make sure to check out the website to get the full explanation (once again this is my take on saving). Every little bit put away starts to add up.
5- There's no time like the present
  • No explanation really needed here...start saving as soon as possible!!!
Here is the website where I learned this information from...hopefully it helps ya out....

(p.s share with your friends so y'all can start saving together...a friendly competition between friends on saving never hurt anyone really it helps you both-- bragging rights and money in the bank!! #WINNING)

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