Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Communication between girlfriends

Had a conversation with a co-worker today about her and her friend. She said that she was looking on facebook and her friend had made a post that stated that she felt she always gave and gave to her friend but never received anything in return. That her friend would ask her to do things and she'd say yes but then later tell her she couldn't do it and that her friend would always come over to her house but she hardly when to her friends house. She was really troubled by this because she felt like the facebook post was about her even thought her husband tried to tell her that it wasn't.

We talked or about 30 minutes on the subject and I told her the worst thing that could happen between friends is lack of communication. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our friendships that we forget that to talk to one another when we have an issue. Instead of talking to post underlining message via facebook or twitter...people talk to each other don't post to facebook and twitter because that can just cause huge problems because things get taken out of context its just best to talk about it. My co-workers frustration this morning could have been avoided if her friend would have just called her up and talked to her about it. Because now it makes for a weird conversation between the two of them when my co-worker calls her to see what is going on. Sometimes it's hard to have those heart to heart talks with friends because you really value their friendship and don't want to upset them. But remember a truth friend will listen and probably argue but will be open to what you have to say and the two of you will move forward!
*Never regret saying what's on you heart. Because even if its not what they want to hear at least you had the strength to say it*

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